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I have a problem using your web site. Can you help me?
On many pages of our web site you find a help button. If this does not help, please read our FAQ. If you still need help, please write to [email protected]. Be as specific as you can to help us understand your problem. Remember to include your user id. Please write in English, French or German. You can also write in Spanish, Russian or Polish language, but this will take some extra time for the translation.
I want to visit an Asian country. Can you help me?
The best you can do is to find a good local travel agent who will help you with the tickets and with the necessary paperwork. You may perhaps need a visa. Make sure that you have a valid passport. Depending on where you go you may need vaccinations. Also you may want to use your favorite search engine on the Internet. Here are some links you may find interesting:
Thai embassy
My dream girl from Asia wants to visit me. Can you help me?
Local regulations vary from country to country. Most probably she will need a visa to travel to your country. See for example:
You might consider to visit her in her country instead. This may be a lot easier, and more fun for you :-) Also if you are serious about it, you may meet her family.