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I am a girl. No-one seems to be willing to contact me. What can I do?
We cannot emphasize it enough: a good photograph of yourself is a must. Also describe yourself in the description text of your profile. Try to do that in English. Be honest! It makes no sense to cheat here, your future partner will find out anyway later :-) Log in to our website often, because we show the photo of the last logged in members on our main page!
How do i contact a member?
In each profile we show in our web site, there is a button called 'Contact'. Note that you need credit chips or a time limited full membership to establish a contact.
I am gay. How do I contact a member?
You can do that as if you were contacting a woman. But you may prefer a gay web site, as our members supposably do not expect gay contacts.
It seems that the woman I have contacted is a fake. What now?
Please use the 'report' button in the profile of the woman to make a complaint. We will check the case, and normally we will ban the member and recharge the credit chips (if any) within the next couple of days. Please do not write an email about this, it is much more convenient for our customer support team if you use the report-button.
If I establish a contact, what informations do you give me about the member?
You will get all contact information we have. What that is you can see in the profiles member.
If I contact a person, do you restrict the number of messages I can send?
No, not at all. You can use our internal mail system for as long and as often as you want - within reasonable limits of course. This also applies if your full membership runs out.