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I want to buy a month package. How do I do that?
You must be logged in to do that. In the menu on the right, click on 'My account', than on 'Purchase', (we show you the pricelist). Just click on 'Buy' on the right of the package you want to buy. This will bring up the page of our payment provider.
Who is ShareIt? Who is WorldPay?
Our payment provider are "share-It! a service of digital river" ( and WorldPay ( They have a very good reputation as a fast and reliable payment provider. ShareIt and WorldPay handles all payment matters for us. If you buy credits, you will be guided from our web site automatically to the web site of ShareIt oder WordPay. You personal information will be transfered to the order page, but you may correct that. We also transfer your User ID in an extra field, please do not modify that!
I have payed by 'bank transfer'. How long will it take until I get my month package?
This depends on how fast the banks transfer the money to ShareIt or WorldPay. This can take one or two days, but international transfers can take much longer. We have seen cases where a transfer from one country to another has taken a full week. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about.
I have payed by credit card. How long will it take until I get my month package?
Normally this takes only a few minutes. The ShareIt system or WorldPay system notifies us about the order and payment, and we will send you a notification automatically.
I have a question about an order I have placed. Whom do I refer to?
We get the payment notification from ShareIt or WorldPay only if the order is completed and the money is on the provider bank account. You may log in to your ShareIt account on or WorldPay account on at any time to check the state of your order.