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I get an error message about my e-mail address. What can I do?
Just use a valid e-mail address. Our server uses various method to check for a valid e-mail address. We do not allow fake e-mail addresses. If we find later on, that your e-mail address does not work, you will be asked to enter a valid one.
I just registered, but I cannot login. Whats wrong?
Right after registration, you will get an email from us with your user name and password. Please verify that you are typing your user name and password correctly. Also note that the password is case sensitive. 'Joe' is different from 'joe'!
I can't remember my password. What can I do?
Goto our homepage. Click on 'Members login', and 'Forgot password?' On the next page, enter either your user name or the email address you used when you registered to our community. Then click on 'Send password'. We will send you an email with your user name and password. If this does not work, we may still be able to find you in our members database. Send an email to [email protected] giving as as much detail as you can.