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Salaries in Esatern Europe and Asia
Average salaries in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia may be as low as 200 usd per month. A teacher for example may not earn more than 60 dollars for example. Salaries in Asia may even be lower than that.
I got a mail offering me the business opportunity of my life. What do you think?
Unfortunately, it happens that crooks from the so called 'Nigeria connection' misuse our web site to write messages to our members. We do have implemented technical barriers to identify and ban these users, but still some manage to get through. Please do not react on these messages. Just delete them and use the report button in the members profile.
I was asked to send her/him some money. What do you suggest?
Think twice. Be careful! Do not send a considerable amount of money to someone on the other side of the earth whom you don't know. Use your brain. There are crooks all over the world, and there is no simple rule to tell the good from the bad. Be suspicious if she swears eternal love in her second letter. Also be suspicious if she writes the all to well known stories of ill grandmothers, lost family, expansive schoolbooks etc. etc. Having said that, it must be pointed out that a woman in Asia possibly earns as little as a hundred dollars per month. She simply cannot afford to spend hours in an Internet cafe to chat with you. It is very difficult to decide.