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Toni ELM3614
52 years
171 cm
62 kg
Stuttgart / Germany
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About me.
Others describe me as a charismatic man with a sporty look. My job also embodies my own style. I am independent businessman and work worldwide in the perfume industry. My behavior towards other people is always charming and friendly.

I'm looking for a girlfriend, or perhaps more, and look forward to nice contacts.
Svein Terje SVE4073
52 years
174 cm
71 kg
Naerbo / Norway
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Hope to move to Thailand in the future, and find a home close to the ocean. Would be nice to have a partner and enjoy a quiet life in beautiful Thailand.
Peter PET7038
56 years
170 cm
66 kg
Bangkok / Thailand
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I am staying in Thailand for 3 months now and like to find someone, who will accompany me and becomes my girl-friend. I am planning to relocate to Thailand and - if we are having a good time together - look for a long time relationship and marriage.
Athos ATH7879
79 years
172 cm
80 kg
Bremen / Germany
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I am looking for a thai-woman for our common future with much love and intimace!
Peter PET6384
63 years
180 cm
91 kg
Cairns / Australia
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I would like to find a long term pertness to share life with.
Dirk DIR7362
57 years
167 cm
67 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Hello, my name is Dirk. I am honest, reliable, humorous, faithful and optimistic person. And I have a big heart. In the near future I would like to live in Thailand. That's why I am looking here for a loving Thai woman with whom I can share my life. Where are you? Thank you for visiting my profile
Scott SCO2022
67 years
194 cm
109 kg
Denver / United States of America
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I am tall and lanky, but I prefer short women. Actually, I only want one. I don't care what you do for a living or how much money you make. I just want a woman with a good heart. Obviously, there must be a physical attraction also. I would like to have just a simple woman. One who I can love with all my heart, and have a loyal woman in return.
Andreas AND1005
55 years
190 cm
100 kg
Yantai / China
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am a german engineer , who work and live in china.

i am in
Hansi HAN3028
61 years
180 cm
78 kg
Frankfurt a / Germany
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Sometimes things hapens .....
No Gold-Member - no chat :-(
Aarno AAR9085
66 years
171 cm
77 kg
Finland / Finland
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Have a good day everyone!
you have a different time than me! Want to think about me !! ?? It would be nice if we had a nice day. And talk about love, walk barefoot on the warm sand and feel the waves splashing water on your feet ...... great sea wave injections and the wonderful fresh scent of the sea !! I love this? If you want to be close to my love and caring person.
write me a letter and tell all your feelings heart!
Tell me what you feel when you walk on the beach? Romance, peace, happiness or joy? I would like to know what thoughts move your heart! warm, hug me, romantic dinner for two!
My friends and love! I miss you!
write me a lot, wait!
Heaven and sea meet the horizon, you and my heart meet there!
Love is an infinite ocean without another beach, I would like to know you, always,
me your heart, my love, I'm responsible for it, I'm caring about you! can we build a new house, not by the sea !?
My love is like a flower garden there, so the red roses smell lovely!
Love roses are bursting with bloom, see that your eyes shine
the most beautiful rose flowers, all in beautiful rainbow colors!
I wish You are the most beautiful flower of my life, an eye test will repair any broken dreams!
We walk together on a white sand beach, hand in hand, hearts united,
The world is a wonderful place to live when you love, look into each other's eyes, bound, connected
we are one, hearts joined together!
Empty nights are filled with love and affection, I give all my love!
You are always full of the fulfillment of my heart, my happiness and your dreams !?
Your smile makes my heart beat faster, and the strength of my life!
And want you to know, love does not change, it always sounds great melodies in my heart! PS; I'll tell you more about myself if you write to me!?! And you probably won't be disappointed when you know me! (I have a desktop computer is always open, but I'm only in the evening here! If you are wondering !? You can then meet me !?)
Alex ALE8300
53 years
166 cm
60 kg
Madrid / Spain
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I would like to meet honest & courage lady for forever.Thanking you for visit my profile
Fritz FRI6827
57 years
193 cm
98 kg
Freiburg / Germany
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Hello to my future wife and lover..

The appearance will decide with whom you come in the first moments together .. the love decides how often one comes along .. The character often decides how long you stay together .. but sometimes decides just the love...


""Or send me some informations for any messenger to having a contct with you.""

It's not so easy to tell something about yourself, but that is exactly what I am, at first I am reserved and shy. but once I have to trust I am an open book and very loyal.
I smoke and drink no longer many years, life is too short for this stupid nonsense to continue.

For me it is quite important that we can laugh together every day, as long as you can laugh, you can love each other. I love it a lot to do with my "wife".

Fun, ,,,and that is topic S.E.X also,,, together is very important to me. Because that will be a good basic for love and marriage.

If you are really insatiable in S.E.X, preferring to be taken from behind into your both lust holes by your lover and husband - no matter which hole I take from you then - you also want to be taken orally, then we fit together well in this constellation.

It is as important as daily hugs and affections, just as important as to master everyday life together. Because I want to. Then I would also really like to live with you.


""Or send me some informations for any messenger to having a contct with you.""

I am very much looking forward to a contact with you, and I also wish all other seekers good luck.

Missi ROL5592
71 years
189 cm
85 kg
Örebro / Sweden
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I’m an easy going person , down to earth, easy to laugh and funny. I prefer to se opportunities instead of problem.
I want to find a woman, a friend, a discussion partner to share the future with.
Alexander ALE2742
55 years
187 cm
84 kg
Berlin / Germany
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looking for friendship, maybe more...
Ron RON5897
60 years
175 cm
88 kg
Brisbane / Australia
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Sawasdee Kup .. :-) It say write in language of country u r interested in..I try little..:P
I am a European guy well travelled and finish my travels in Australia where i now work and live,,I studied Electronics and Communications in Europe. I like my job and my home now,,Sun,Beach,Swim,BBQ,Friends
Football,Fishing,Cooking and traveln to see my family.I'm looking for a Asian Girlfriend because I think they are very beautiful looking and very kind in nature and also honest and loyal to their man..I also really like Asian food & Cooking its yummy.. :P Curry or Satay are my favourite.. I visit Thailand last year and i see many nice things..I pay visit to the Big Buddha in Koh Samui which is very beautiful Temple..I also like to travel to see other Asian countries and see the lifestyle..Thank xxxx lookn at my profile and maybe we can chat soon.. Take Care and Bye for now... :-)
Veit VEI5119
59 years
175 cm
74 kg
Ilmenau / Germany
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loking for pretty woman for solid relationship later marriage
Rudolf RUD5349
67 years
183 cm
80 kg
Kirchdorf / Austria
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hello all , nice to meet you , i prefer slim with brain and honestly, little naughty and enjoy life

Jo JOM5592
49 years
179 cm
92 kg
Stockholm / Sweden
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m 50 romantic man looking for a serious relationship I want a warm family. Im a good man, have good work, no drugs, no problem, I take very good care of my lady, I know what lady want and need. Im a very passionated and good lover and like to be very naughty with my gf hahaha. U need to have a opend mind and not shy. Im a gentleman, I dont talk bad here, I dont waste time on scammers. Im not here to play games, Im serious to find my true match. I want to find my lady here.-I love traveling-I love the beach and relax there-I look for normal lady-I like happy and easy going lady-I want you to marrie and move to me.I dont like to be singel anymore, I need love. I dream about go to sleep with u, next to u. Feel u naked skin to mine. Hear u breath slow and deap. Feel u warm and naked body to mine, kiss u neck and say how much I love u.I want to wake up with u. Kiss u good morning, feel u soft lips to mine, see your smile, see your eyes looking to me, feel u soft hand touching my cheak and say u love me. I want to make love to you slow and easy until we wake up.
Thomas THO2873
30 years
173 cm
68 kg
Oslo / Norway
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Relaxed and kind person.
Like to travel and experience new places and cultures.

Looking for cute and family oriented girl, who loves to cuddle, watch series and like to travel.
Fred FRI5868
57 years
178 cm
83 kg
Cologne / Germany
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i search a very nice , good, love Lady.