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Rolf ROL9008
72 years
178 cm
85 kg
Frankfurt a / Germany
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Suche Frau
Peter PET2447
40 years
190 cm
81 kg
Pattaya / Thailand
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Hello nice young Ladies! I look for funny & nice, positive spirit young lady in Pattaya /BKK area.I am a german american engineer- good looking,will take care well, like go out, swim, travel and eat. I like Buddha, good family.
Ray RAY6256
68 years
178 cm
86 kg
Chaing Mai / Thailand
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Only looking for bad girls...
Wolfgang WOL2974
52 years
173 cm
75 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Hi, i m a german guy living here in europe/germany and i m looking for a woman who is trustworthy, very loving, very caring, mentally quite openminded and also very openminded for erotic adventures and experiances. Just like the known design of a socalled hotwife which would give both of us lots of pleasure and enrichment in life on a longterm base of course. It would be great if you hopefully have various interests like sports, fitness, dancing and healthy food. You should be confident and an active type of person please. You get even lots of interesting books about this kind of open and exciting marriage life. I hope you will be willing and really like to live with me here in europe/germany. I m not into any games please, coz my time is always a bit limited. My own business keeps me often very occupied and my chosen woman hopefully will accept it and may be even like it. May be i might find the right woman on this site here. Lots of kisses to you.
Leo LEO7087
54 years
158 cm
57 kg
Istanbul / Turkey
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Greetings and compliments of a new season, I am an easy going persona and family oriented, I like cooking and watching football, The nature of my Job as an Aircraft Engineer makes me to travel a lot, just saying in case, I will like you to find out more interesting things about me yourself
Adam ADA2021
62 years
173 cm
58 kg
Paphos / Cyprus
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very laid back and easy to talk with. financially secure so will not ask for money as i do not need and do not want only looking for love. i have a busines in Cyprus and London and my past life i was a Graphich Designerfor Designers in London.
Timothy TIM6341
58 years
172 cm
78 kg
Tucson / United States of America
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As for me... I grew up in Chicago and live in Arizona. My job allows me to do international travel, so I get to see some of this world. I am sociable, spirited, I love to make people laugh, I love nature (hiking / camping / stargazing), I like to play music and dance.

As to whom I’m looking for... someone with inner beauty and chemistry. Someone upbeat and confident in who they are and where they want to be in life. Trust is everything for I trust unconditionally. We both must feel the chemistry, for it's the root of healthy passion. Someone who likes to cuddle and the other little things of romance. Someone I can make laugh. :-) Someone who can appreciate Mother Nature and all Her subtleties, can engage in conversation, and respect themselves enough to take care of being physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Looking for someone to share life's experiences with... Is it you? ;-)
Dan DAN3378
54 years
175 cm
65 kg
Zürich / Switzerland
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:-) Helloooo .... !

Thank you for visiting my profile.

I am Dan from Switzerland central Europe and I am looking for your love.

I am besides:

• single
• swissmade
• engineer, internet publisher and journalist (if I want, and when it may be, I have a pretty sharp tongue ... )
• while meanwhile a little bit older, I am usually still not estimated more than about 50 - rather than vice versa ...
• not hairy, but tenderly, clean and healthy (tested HI-virus free and completly CoVid vaccinated),
• neither stubborn nor wishy-washy,
• with quite good knowledges in french (mainly orally ... ) and lots of fun with conversation - and not only in French ... ; -)
• my favorites:
- love, culture, humor;
- music, photography, design, internet;
- reading and writing;
- travelling, hiking, cycling, flying, skiing;
- outings, food, beverage;
- chatting, laughing;
• some of it you can see at xxxxxxxcom/people/knipsr
• some of it I can also do with my mates company, but for the most important thing I miss:

... a female ...

... to listen, to see, to smell, to feel, to taste, to enjoy and to spoil, yes ...

If you are the woman,
who is looking for an experienced, established, understanding,
exceptional, neither ugly nor stupid lover, friend and partner,
not only for his monetary
and his gene pool (family reasons and so),
that would be greatful ...

Hope to meet you in cam chat soon ...

Thank you ... ... Dan

Please notice:

Actually I have no gold membership status.
I can not contact you in any way.
Please do contact me if you like to know me more.

You can mostly meet me online (your time):
monday/tuesday/wednesday/thursday: from evening until early morning
friday/saturday/sunday: from early afternoon until early morning

I will not spend weeks and months typing and not seeing.
I want to see the one who I am trying to know better.
Erick ERI8837
35 years
177 cm
75 kg
Houston / United States of America
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I'm a chill person who likes to listen to music so I'm always going to the club or to watch i live concert. I'm looking for that especial one I've been to the Philippines and was enchanted by its beautiful women so I'll try my look here
Jan JAN16062
70 years
180 cm
87 kg
Dlemens / Germany
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it is okay if you are honest and sincere. I like charming and intelligent ladies. I send no money to no one
Fritz FRI6827
59 years
193 cm
98 kg
Freiburg / Germany
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Hello to my future wife and lover..

The appearance will decide with whom you come in the first moments together .. the love decides how often one comes along .. The character often decides how long you stay together .. but sometimes decides just the love...

*** I can not reply to messages here if we are not contacts, I'm sorry ***


You're slim, I DON`T LIKE FAT WOMAN! Whether you are tall or short is not so important to me, it is important that you are slim. And you want to have fun with your husband every day. I don't want a boring marriage, this is also a very important point for me. Because that will be a good basic for love and marriage.

It is as important as daily hugs and affections, just as important as to master everyday life together. Because I want to. Then I would also really like to live with you.

It's not so easy to tell something about yourself, but that is exactly what I am, at first I am reserved and shy. but once I have to trust I am an open book and very loyal.
I dont smoke and drink no longer many years, life is too short for this stupid nonsense to continue.

For me it is quite important that we can laugh together every day, as long as you can laugh, you can love each other. I love it a lot to do with my "wife". It is as important as daily hugs and affections, just as important as to master everyday life together. Because I want to. Then I would also really like to live with you and live in Thailand.

I am very much looking forward to a contact with you, and I also wish all other seekers good luck.

Bent Allan BEN5730
72 years
180 cm
78 kg
Nonthaburi / Thailand
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Honest and sincere GentlemanI do not play gamesI am looking for a permanent relationship with a Thai ladyI live in Nonthaburi, Bangkok and live here 7 months or more for every year.I have a permanent Lumpini Condo in Nonthaburi, very near to Rama 5
Hansi HAN3028
63 years
180 cm
78 kg
Frankfurt a / Germany
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Sometimes things happens .....
No Gold-Member - no chat :-( !!!!!
Peter PET6384
62 years
180 cm
91 kg
Cairns / Australia
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I would like to find a long term pertness to share life with.
Thanh THA4620
64 years
170 cm
61 kg
Vancouver / Canada
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just friend ..... no relationship , please ! I just need someone to ride bicycle together with me in Thailand , Cambodia and Viet Nam for six months ., Thanks !
Greg GRE7281
57 years
179 cm
73 kg
London / United Kingdom
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I’m a lonely man looking for love and fun
Kurt KUR3602
60 years
168 cm
82 kg
University / United States of America
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Adventurous, but I try to balance quest for adventure and excitement with quality time at home. I like to read, listen to music some of the modern composers are my favorites. I like it simple at home where I can enjoy preparing a nice meal and just relax. I have enjoyed traveling to different countries , art galleries and aimless wandereing around towns and cities, exploring beaches and finding a nice place to eat, meeting new people.
Herbert HER8974
68 years
174 cm
83 kg
Marktredwit / Germany
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Ich suche eine Partnerin fuer eine dauerhafte feste Beziehung.Herzlichkeit , Vertrauen und Treue sind mir wichtig
Aidan AID6210
46 years
173 cm
68 kg
Waterford / Ireland
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Hi I'm aidan I'm 45 looking for thai girlfriend
***** PLB1938
56 years
178 cm
76 kg
Hamburg / Germany
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