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Tom TOM9642
50 years
183 cm
88 kg
Mainz / Germany
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Where are you ??
Andreas AND1005
53 years
190 cm
100 kg
Suzhou / China
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am a german engineer , who work and live in china.

i am in
Eckhard ECK6607
65 years
173 cm
87 kg
Kampot / Cambodia
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am not rich man and you can me everything ask really,
i have worked many years in the chemical industry
Shaun SHA4167
48 years
178 cm
72 kg
Abingdon / United Kingdom
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Hello, I’m a well mannered and educated man who is looking to meet a nice woman.I would like to meet someone who can be my best friend as well as my lover.Someone who will be as loyal in the hard times as much as they will laugh in the good times. I want to find someone who I can trust with my heart and who will be an honest and loyal partner.
Akira AKI8387
68 years
174 cm
76 kg
Kobe / Japan
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Welcom any age, race and nationality of person who
desire to keep long in friendship as I wish to make a
friend for talking anything with each other to deepen understanding cultures and personalities.
Olav OLA5946
61 years
173 cm
80 kg
Oslo / Norway
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Kind and curious.
Darrick DAR1730
43 years
165 cm
63 kg
Stuttgartlu / Germany
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I am a multicultural person. Therefore, I like to travel in nice countries. I try to respect other cultures an traditions. Sometimes it is difficult, but i try :-)
At the moment i try to learn a little bit Spanish, so when i travel in middle/south America i hopefully can understand an talk a little bit to the people.
I also like to make sports.
I would like to learn Latin-dancing (like bachiata and salsa), so i hopefully will make it, to start a course the next months.

If you are sportive and like to travel too, we can enjoy life and have fun.
A bit later in the future when everything goes well we can build up our own family with children.
Brett BRE5973
57 years
171 cm
69 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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I am a kind, intelligent, artistic, creative man, very devoted to whom I'm with. I'm a software developer, systems analyst, inventor and when i can, I write and do visual arts such as paint and cartoon. I am seeking marriage and children. I'm told that I'm good looking. I'm athletic and also a good dancer. Because I want to have the best children possible, I am looking for a woman who is exceptional in intelligence, creativity, and beauty. Please when describing yourself, do not be shy or overly modest. I am looking for a xxxx and you won't get my attention unless you claim to be at least an xxxx Do not be shy, sweet woman! We'll never meet unless you are bold enough to try! Yes, of course I want all of those other beautiful qualities of sweetness, kindness, patience and devotion... after all, kids need that as much as will your future husband. But do tell me all about your pluses! Do you sing? dance? play guitar? Were you the smartest girl in your class? THIS is what I want!
Sunny SUN7307
42 years
167 cm
61 kg
Delhi / India
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Looking for intelligent, educated, adventurous, fun loving person who thinks independently and love discussion on every day topics.
Paul PAU6481
43 years
175 cm
85 kg
Cannes / Thailand
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Bonjour. Je suis a la recherche une personne aimable et je voudrais partager ma vie solitude .
Johannes JOH3799
60 years
185 cm
83 kg
Chon Buri / Germany
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hallo my name is johannes.
come from germany.
i am looking for a woman the heartis more importent
tha the money.
i am very sporty.i can come the thailand with the right woman,forever.
for me,honesty is i importent i would be happy to find a good and faihfue woman im thailand

you dare
David DAV1137
59 years
177 cm
100 kg
Swansea / United Kingdom
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I am a nice, kind, practical, clever, humorous man.
Richard RIC4647
45 years
186 cm
73 kg
Brisbane / Australia
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I'm open minded, kind and friendly. I follow my conscience.

I studied Business, Computer Science and Psychology. I swim and sometimes play basketball to relax. I enjoy reading.

Looking for someone who can appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Looking for a strong connection based on mutual respect.

I was a senior business analyst but now I don't work. I am not rich but my name is Rich so I guess in a way I am :)

I am not the perfect man, I am unsure of my suitability.

I wish you all good luck :)
Oluf EGI2914
72 years
174 cm
77 kg
Lillestrøm / Norway
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im honsest,good, and caind ,i have an camping vagn I am ther all the summer,you like the norwegian? you have meet sambody?
Osvald PAU3579
65 years
156 cm
56 kg
Tønsberg / Norway
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I am a nice person who want a nice lady,honest
Jd JON8874
50 years
180 cm
78 kg
Gotenborg / Sweden
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Hello everyone!

SORRY I MUST TAKE A PAUSE FROM HERE NOW, MAY 2018, will see if I return one day, but please do not write me now - sorry!

Please respect I only want to talk with people that know English real good, thank you,

Matze MAT8234
37 years
184 cm
72 kg
Hildesheim / Germany
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tell me xxxxxxxxxx or line id
Stefan ALF3471
60 years
162 cm
62 kg
Gelsenkirch / Germany
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When you like me, please contact me. Maybe i have wait for you. But you must know i like to smoke and drink beer.
Hottentot BEN3512
53 years
179 cm
79 kg
Hottentotat / Sweden
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Hi my name is Bengt Mård and l´´m looking for a nice asian lady ,fac-bok ^¨writing more later can not write back to you but if you,
Hp HPG5921
59 years
166 cm
61 kg
London / United Kingdom
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a fun person who loves life & all the good thingslove wine and good food