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Aarno AAR9085
75 years
171 cm
77 kg
Finland / Finland
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What should you know about me? The thing is that one of our tasks is to add ourselves. And I do not take this opportunity completely because there should also be room for mystery. My story is not long, although it contains some interesting. My parents taught me
I am a friendly, sympathetic, economical and careful. should also be like me. I like the positive emotions of joy and a waterfall. Where I go, bring my happiness and laughter with me, I can fill your life with new bright feelings and come to you, your support, your best friend and not just my main goal now is to create a strong and happy family to do my best to achieve this goal! I've focused on creating a family, with the highest traditions of the family and the family, which is full of love, respect and trust. I need a good woman who can really love, do not ever pretend, no games ... I want to get caught up in his passionate and loving gaze for a moment, that only I can feel ... I am ready to give to a special woman all my heart and soul. However, there is one thing you should know for sure:
I am looking for an intelligent, sympathetic and friendly with a nice sense of humor. I'm looking for someone who makes our lives happier and brighter, with which I feel comfortable and good. And if the world is such a woman, I must confess that I miss him very much ??
Marten MAR49737
28 years
182 cm
83 kg
Bern / Switzerland
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Welcome to my Profile, I'm a Swiss Man very attracted to the smart person, they need to stimulation me intelectualI love sense of humor.I very much believe in the compatibility between two people, which gives us the comfort we felt at ease.For me, communication, humor and sincerity are key pointsI am a man complex, funny, fun, intelligent (I put said to be a complete mix)I am very open and is in Gemini, I think they are defined by unpredictability, seriousness and come defiecare date with new things, because I do not want to install monotonyI often say that even though I know little time, gives the feeling of comfort and a feeling that we know muchIn my presence, you can not only lose time, you get to lose track of timeAn ideal partner my Woman is respectful of and sensitive to the other, having uniquely individual goals and priorities. Ideal partner my Lady had value the other's interests separate from their own. She feel congenial toward and supportive of one another's overall goals in Our life
Ralf RAL7057
60 years
180 cm
93 kg
Augsburg / Germany
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I am stay for three days in Bangkok at last weak in February next Year and fly to Ko Samui after this three days for 14 days.
Dirk DIR1228
56 years
167 cm
70 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Hello and good morning! Thank you for visiting my profile. I'm looking for you, but I have not found you yet. I am looking for a nice, uncomplicated, honest, loyal, humorous and loving Thailady. Where are you?
Frode HNS7207
64 years
177 cm
74 kg
Chon Buri / Thailand
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Hello. I'm looking for a nice sporty Thai lady between 40 and 65 years old.
I am a man with passion,not perfect but nice and straightforward I like working with my hands.
Walk in the mountains, ride bicycle, runs and swim.
Love driving motorbike around in Thailand.
Love Thailand and thai food.
I live in Thailand/ Pattaya at the time, but I can move
I am not rich but I will survive on my pension. I do not want children because I am too old for
that responsebilety.
I do not like the cold weather anymore in my country.
Have a nice day to you all :-)
Andreas AND1005
54 years
190 cm
100 kg
Yantai / China
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am a german engineer , who work and live in china.

i am in
Goran GOR6294
67 years
184 cm
77 kg
Stockholm / Sweden
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I am a 67 year old man living in Stockholm.
I am divorced and have one nineteen year old daughter.
I am interested in culture, reading, history. Going out sometimes.

Searching for love.
Kenneth KEN9596
56 years
194 cm
97 kg
Glostrup / Denmark
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I am Kenneth Madsen. I live in Denmark.
I am on this site in hope to meet my future partner.
Give me yours :-). other place to get to k
Art ART5606
63 years
182 cm
97 kg
Las Vegas / United States of America
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I am a good man serious,loyal,honest sincere and loving.I like nature and the beach.I like to make my woman happy in everyway. I want a serious sincere relationship. I am looking for a good woman that is sincere,loyal honest and loving. A one man woman / No Lies
John JOH4686
65 years
180 cm
82 kg
Gotenborg / Sweden
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Honest, generous very easy going...

I live in Sweden but I love Thailand and visit Thailand very often. I want to to find the right lady who are lnterested to share and live a good life together. I am serious and I am not playing around.
Looking for serious relationship.
Jens JEN5975
35 years
181 cm
75 kg
Bad Oeynhau / Germany
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Hi, i am Jens. Ich live in Germany. I look for a nice women for a relationship, i would like that you visit me in Germany. Looking for true love.
Musa MUS2686
46 years
177 cm
70 kg
Kyrenia / Cyprus
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Very affectionate and genereous. I will kike a partner that is willing to make sacrifice for both.
Bengt BEN3512
54 years
179 cm
79 kg
Dalarna / Sweden
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Hi my Name is Bengt and am from Sweden tell you more later
Kai KAI6610
47 years
185 cm
75 kg
Frankfurt A / Germany
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I would like to find a honest Thai Lady for a real relationship.
Andy AND4876
51 years
176 cm
116 kg
Zürich / Switzerland
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I am here for: Would like to meet new people.My ideal partner:Since I am here you might already have guessed that I admire Asia and in particular Thai women. I find the petite type very feminine and I favor Asian culture. Well let's start describing what I like:I prefer someone who is classy and elegant, at least knows how to dress favorably. Even though she might not know how to swim she should not be afraid of the water and be confortable wearing a bikini.At the same time she should be easy and down to earth enough to feel not too good for helping out at times. A smile is very important as happy people truly rule.To be continued....
David DAV7772
57 years
178 cm
86 kg
Canberra / Australia
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I am Australian but lived in Europe and well travelled when younger. So while I love travelling its no longer or presently on my bucket list.
Now I live in Australia again. Long term relationship or marriage eluded me and I have no children. Now semi retired and wedded instead to a seemingly never ending and mostly DIY renovation.
Looking for meaningful companionship in time, ideally more. Because
I look for a partner in Thailand because I haven’t yet found a partner in Australia. I hope she would be sincere, genuine and loving and ideally interested to live in Australia.
I am hard working, creative, romantic and caring man with an interesting background. But I imagine life with another and as a couple much better.
I still feel young for my age, and would like to meet an attractive but younger Thai woman preferably, without children or complications who would like to be with an older man and live in another country.
How much do you think is an reasonable and functional age difference between a man and woman?
Ideally you know a little or good English, or not be shy about learning, as communication is always key. Willingness and desire to communicate beyond the superficial is important.
Ideally you have a little understanding of western culture, so she could be happy and not feel isolated in a new country. Just as I of course, should want to have an understanding and appreciation of Thai culture, and to visit Thailand for holidays, so the relationship can be mutually
We can discuss more about the other if we discover good reason to pursue a relationship with the other preferably, sooner rather than later. What do you think?
David DAV6149
54 years
182 cm
76 kg
Doha / United Kingdom
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Easy going, good humour, loves to travel, likes arts, cinema, theatre, good restaurants, music, music festivals, outdoor living.

Degree education, professional.

Looking for friends leading to serious relationship. Looking for similar who can share same interests.
Knut KNU1937
65 years
178 cm
75 kg
Hammerfest / Norway
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i am a good man seeking a good girl
age is up to u
if u want u can mail me
Dieter DIE9589
52 years
186 cm
86 kg
Bad Hersfel / Germany
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Hallo, i am a sportive, atlethic man on the search to find my special woman with the heart on the right place....:-)
Janos JAN3852
57 years
180 cm
71 kg
Toronto / Canada
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I will be in Bangkok in January, I would like to meet some nice and simple ladies for dates, dinner, disco, tours, restaurants etc. also will be in Europe in June would and like to have travel partner and show Hungary-Austria-Germany and Holland xxxx