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Gomez GOM8927
73 years
176 cm
100 kg
Charlotte / United States of America
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I am single with 3 adult children. I am sincere and honest. I have been retired for over 13 years.
Fred FRI5868
53 years
178 cm
83 kg
Cologne / Germany
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i search a very nice , good, love Lady.
Christopher CHR9906
64 years
182 cm
76 kg
Southampton / United Kingdom
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I am a good man looking for a good lady who does not tell lies. If you really want a relationship that works and you want a man who will think of you. Then try me....I make many mistakes in my life because i am human and to be human is to make mistakes.
but hopefully to learn from those mistakes. I have love to give to someone who can love me.but sometime i am tired of being hurt. I read many profiles here at Thai Kisses and see many ladies have some pain and hurt in life. I hope you can find someone honest and good for your life.I hope i can find someone who wants the same as i want. To everybody with a true heart i wish you good luck
[You spend all your time waiting for that second chance,for a break that will make it ok, Theirs allways some reason to feel not good enough and its hard at the end of the day. I need some distraction,some beautifull release and memories just seep from my veins.I may feel empty but i will wait and maybe i will find some peace tonight. In the arms of the angels fly away from here'from this dark cold hotel room and the endless nights that you fear. You are born from the wreakage of your silent suffering,your in the arms of the angels,may you find some comfort their. So tired of this strained life and everwhere you turn their are vultures and thieves at your back.The storm keeps on twisting,keeps on building the lies that you make up for all that you lack. It dont make no difference to escape one last time,its easier to to believe in this sweet madness,this glorious sadness that brings me to my knees...In the arms of an angel fly away from here.In the arms of an angel may you find some comfort their... (MESSAGE TO ALL THE SCAMMERS AND CONMEN WHO TRY TO GET IN TOUCH WITH ME,GO AWAY I AM NOT STUPID LIKE YOU. YOU WILL NOT GET MY INTEREST AND YOU WILL NOT GET ANY MONEY,YOU ARE STUPIID SAD IDIOTS AND I CAN SEE STRAIGHT THROUGH YOUR INEPT PLOTS( TO ANYONE ELSE WELCOME AND GOOD LUCK..........
MY PROFILE ALSO AVAILABLE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MILEY
John JOH0025
54 years
170 cm
73 kg
Almere / Netherlands
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Generous and supportive man looking for a not-too conservative, understanding girl.
Jim JIM9734
57 years
181 cm
107 kg
Las Vegas / United States of America
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I'm hoping to meet my soul mate. Or at least someone to keep me company until I find that soul mate.

I've been divorced for several years and completely available. I'm always honest and respectful. No drama here.

Am I looking for a camgirl? No. Do I like s*x? Yeah. A lot. Will I send you a picture of my doo-dad? Only if you ask me. I'm pretty open about s*x. What I've learned in my extensive experience is that if something makes you feel good, why deprive yourself?

One last thing, I'm an atheist. If you're religious, I'm fine with it. If it makes you feel better, that's great. Also, Marijuana is legal here. I use it to relax sometimes like some people use alcohol. If either of these things is a problem for you, it might be best if you looked elsewhere. But don't think, "No problem. I'll just change him."
Hansi HAN3028
64 years
180 cm
78 kg
Frankfurt a / Germany
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Sometimes things happens .....
No Gold-Member - no chat :-( !!!!!
Brett BRE5973
62 years
171 cm
69 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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I am a kind, intelligent, artistic, creative man, very devoted to whom I'm with. I'm a software developer, systems analyst, inventor and when i can, I write and do visual arts such as paint and cartoon. I am seeking marriage and children. I'm told that I'm good looking. I'm athletic and also a good dancer. Because I want to have the best children possible, I am looking for a woman who is exceptional in intelligence, creativity, and beauty. Please when describing yourself, do not be shy or overly modest. I am looking for a xxxx and you won't get my attention unless you claim to be at least an xxxx Do not be shy, sweet woman! We'll never meet unless you are bold enough to try! Yes, of course I want all of those other beautiful qualities of sweetness, kindness, patience and devotion... after all, kids need that as much as will your future husband. But do tell me all about your pluses! Do you sing? dance? play guitar? Were you the smartest girl in your class? THIS is what I want!
John JOH7350
76 years
168 cm
80 kg
Sydney / Australia
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looking for companionship, friendship, relationship with right person
Tom THO6602
70 years
176 cm
79 kg
Kloten / Switzerland
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I just look for a nice kindly honestly women, to be a friend, partner, for serious relationship. and for my future i want to stay in thailand i planing 2022 to stay there fixed, because retired than already.
in moment i often in thailand because has new water clean project there too.
my nickname line xxxx everywhere.
the best for me its if u no has problems in ur family, thats mean u stay in a stabel personality.
but please, good if u not have kids, i cant and no need to take cares children and families.

About me:
I'm a normal and simply Swiss/German man with openning mind and world views, since many year i live in Switzerland. But every person are specialy any way. I'm sincere and serious to look for a right woman, hope to set in future a simply and warm family. i like to stay in future at country side.
My ideal Person:
Nobody is perfect. I don't mind she is miss asia or not, but she must be to have a good golden heart and mercy eyes. She must to have health life style. No smoking please! I want to find a woman who could hold me close in the cold midnight or kiss me in the rainning day. I need a wife not a boss, so you not need to be a rich woman but you must be a romantic and honestly person too.
Mike MIK5243
51 years
190 cm
83 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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Im a laid back man that's in business and I travel a lot and I'm down to earth and easy going . I like to have fun and see new things. Want to know more just ask
Ray RAY6256
69 years
178 cm
86 kg
Chaing Mai / Thailand
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Only looking for bad girls...
Leopold LEO3162
71 years
174 cm
85 kg
Nürnberg / Germany
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Einen sehr guten Freund.
Jörgen JOR1833
59 years
193 cm
105 kg
Hässleholm / Sweden
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I can not answer mail right now ,,, i have not subscribed ;)

Small cute woman , i want ;)
How do you like my photos ?? ;)
Mark MAR3571
66 years
171 cm
60 kg
Hayward / United States of America
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Not a bad person, kind, polite, good sense of humor, bright, dresses well. I like to dance listen to music and go to the movies. She should be carring, polite, no heavy smoking or drinking. Children are ok with me.
Frank FRA5555
54 years
170 cm
72 kg
Leipzig / Germany
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Respekt , vertrauen
John JOH7634
63 years
169 cm
80 kg
Hobart / Australia
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........................POSTION VACANT:....................

Wanted best friend/lover/wife must be over 40 years of age prepared to relocate and have current photo on profile. In return you will get a trustworthy, loyal, respectful and non cheating partner for life I am very easy going person that does not like anger in my life. Once we get to know each other by chat and video chat and we both feel comfortable with each other I will give a return holiday trip with accommodation and expenses paid. You will be very well looked after and if you are happy with my life here and we are very happy with each other I will marry you in your home town.

Thank you for your time to look at my profile and I wish you all the very best in your search for lasting happiness.
Dirk JOE9282
52 years
183 cm
104 kg
Frankfurt a / Germany
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I'm a curious guy who likes to explore the world with a partner in crime. However, the person I'm looking for should also be family oriented whereas I do not plan to become new own kids.
Mete MET2636
66 years
184 cm
93 kg
Phuket / Thailand
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I am a bit romantic, sensitive, honest, realistic, logical, and a very caring man.
Single man looking for serious happy togetherness.
Andreas AND1005
58 years
190 cm
100 kg
Yantai / China
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am a german engineer , who work and live in china.

i am in Yantai - Shandong
Mick MIC8478
56 years
179 cm
69 kg
Germany / Germany
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The world is amazing, isn't it? Don't miss any day, so many great colors out there ...
Open minded, straight, intelligent, reliable and funny. Check it out yourself, what can i say .... up to you, right?
I like to discover the world - it's my big passion. If you are not prepared to take the first step, you will never know, right? So give i a try ...