(200)  (200)  (22)  (112)  (47)  (130)  (47)  (13)  (23)  (2)
Joachim JOA9330
70 years
186 cm
86 kg
Süddeutschl / Germany
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always in good mood, working hard in my job,single, living alone..happy to meet friends here
Timo TIM9440
56 years
0 cm
0 kg
Helsinki / Finland
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Hello i am man who is interested sport special golf.... and i think right now is right time look for wife...want get marry..i have never been married
Manfred MAN2481
62 years
184 cm
88 kg
Altdorf Bei / Germany
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I am not perfect, I believe on big love and i search for my one and only, for the rest of life. A relation, based on love, Passion, harmony, and respect.Thats
what i want.I'm positiv thinking, tender,friendly, and warmhearted.If you agree with me, i Invite you
to come into my life and into my heart.
Pandi PAN6164
42 years
162 cm
62 kg
Lüneburg / Germany
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I m looking for true love for marry.
serius and nice girl..
Michael MIC3114
48 years
173 cm
85 kg
Bowen / Australia
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hello nice to meet youI am single never married and no kids looking for nice lady to marry and have family
Ng NGL1219
65 years
168 cm
73 kg
Singapore / Singapore
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I'm very simple person and always interested in trying something new and see good in everything and everyone, l'd love to travel around. I'd want a woman who is able to love and kindhearted, sincere and passionate. If you're interested look forward to hearing from you. To find me add:
Mick MIC3278
70 years
166 cm
70 kg
Dover / United Kingdom
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nothing special , just a normal guy
Luki LUK6630
66 years
183 cm
66 kg
Bern / Switzerland
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Looking for a cherfull women who likes to be with me in a pretty little house in Udon Thani.
Preffered mother with child and some english speaking.
No partygoer and family oriented.

Andreas AND1005
53 years
190 cm
100 kg
Yantai / China
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am a german engineer , who work and live in china.

i am in
Kord KOR8478
62 years
176 cm
78 kg
Grünstadt / Germany
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The tooth of time gnawed too with me,
not the def would gladly like I with a new friendship,
Form nice relationship together to my life.
Search for a nice partner to the construction of a relationship,
perhaps, construction of a business,
build a total of a pretty small home,
too for a family with children.
Vin UWE9978
60 years
180 cm
96 kg
Ingolstadt / Germany
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Gets only bad boys good girls? If yes, I will be a very good bad boy.

My names Vin (nickname), from Germany. You'll see that I'm not so bad..............rather I am a good guy with the heart on the right place.

Yes, I still live in Germany now, but later I'll go to Thailand forever, because I like the culture, the warm weather, the beaches and most of all the spicy food and to relax.
Maybe I will go soon.
I`m not the kind of man who ist talking too much. I love riding motorbike around Thailand. But driving alone is boring, so I'm looking for a cute thai girlfriend who understand me and take care me well. I like fun, cozy rural life also in Isaan and nightlife of the big city like Pattaya and Bangkok.
I dont want a Party girl, a Madam or a Luxury girl. I'm looking for a small, pally girl who likes to drink a beer every now and then.
Andreas AND6984
48 years
185 cm
100 kg
Koblenz / Germany
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Looking for a nice person for a lasting relationship !! Without lies and games .. i am talking in german italian and russian !! English unfortunately poorly to the conversation I use a translator. I am open to a free woman . I'm not looking for girls from the bar or call girls

I was in Thailand for the first time this year! February. if I succeed, I would like to go on vacation again February 2019
I'm not a feelings dealer. I do not buy love for money

I will be happy to meet a nice person
David DAI6304
49 years
183 cm
77 kg
Stoke-on-tr / United Kingdom
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Im a 48 year old man single guy who lives on his own in the UK, looking for a nice girl who is honest and friendly who is looking for a relationship
Peter PET0490
59 years
175 cm
65 kg
Munich / Germany
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Want to fall in love......
Tage TAG5144
61 years
175 cm
76 kg
Stavanger / Norway
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I am soft man weth good heart.
I move to Thailand sun.
Take contact when you like to no more.
My name is Tage Diedrichsen, have a nice day
Fritz FRI6827
54 years
193 cm
98 kg
Freiburg / Germany
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Hello to my future wife and lover..

The appearance will decide with whom you come in the first moments together .. the love decides how often one comes along .. The character often decides how long you stay together .. but sometimes decides just the love...

Please do not send me any messages if I am NOT your contact here, because I can not answer you before!

It's not so easy to tell something about yourself, but that is exactly what I am, at first I am reserved and shy. but once I have to trust I am an open book and very loyal.
I smoke and drink no longer many years, life is too short for this stupid nonsense to continue.

For me it is quite important that we can laugh together every day, as long as you can laugh, you can love each other. I love it a lot to do with my "wife".

Fun, ,,,and that is FIVE+ONE also,,, together is very important to me. Because that will be a good basic for love and marriage.

If you are really insatiable in FIVE + ONE, preferring to be taken from behind into your both lust holes by your lover and husband - no matter which hole I take from you then - you also want to be taken orally, then we fit together well in this constellation.

It is as important as daily hugs and affections, just as important as to master everyday life together. Because I want to. Then I would also really like to live with you.

I shall be very glad if you write me a message, but if I can not answer you, then I ask you your pardon.

No answer from me is not rudeness or disinterest, but that my account has not yet been charged. For we men have to pay here to write to you can.
This also means that I will not write you first can, there is no bad intention from me.

But still I am of course very happy about a message from you. But keep in mind that personal information is always censored, so I can not read it.


I am very much looking forward to a contact with you, and I also wish all other seekers good luck.

Johannes JOH3799
59 years
185 cm
83 kg
Chon Buri / Germany
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hallo my name is johannes.
come from germany.
i am looking for a woman the heartis more importent
tha the money.
i am very sporty.i can come the thailand with the right woman,forever.
for me,honesty is i importent i would be happy to find a good and faihfue woman im thailand

you dare
Alex ALE8300
51 years
166 cm
60 kg
Madrid / Spain
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I would like to meet honest & courage lady for forever.Thanking you for visit my profile
Onosan ONO2003
51 years
173 cm
75 kg
Singapore / Singapore
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I am looking for a partner for long life together
We WER1337
60 years
165 cm
78 kg
Heidelberg / Germany
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Simple me look for simple and kind she