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Thai Kisses let opportunies for many people to find love and hapiness, and they're proud to share it with you.

Mayuree Thailand and Jimmy Australia 10 Oct 2013 Success story
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Thank you so much Thaikisses!!!

We met on your lovely site- Thaikisses.

Now we are very happy.

We got married in Thailand now.

Thank you for my good husband.

Always be together!!!!

Gregor United Kingdom and Onsuda Thailand 09 Oct 2013 Success story
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I am so happy because I meet my wife on Thaikisses...

I love her with all my heart and she love me too.

Thank you Thaikisses for bringing us both together.

We got married on 02/09/2013

Goo luck for all users!

Lasse Finland and Pornsawan Thailand 01 Oct 2013 Success story
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Thank you so much Thaikisses for all..
Your team made ​​our true love..
Now we married on 07/09/2013..

analiza Germany and johann Philippines 23 Sep 2013 Success story
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First of all I would like to say hello to all!!
I like to share my life story to all.

First I would like to say thank you to god and to Thaikisses.
I am now happy married!!

To all who looking for life partner and the real love please be true to your partner and to yourself.

Thaikisses thank you very much for Johann, his family and my family too.

Thank you for all!!

Chariya Thailand and Chris Austria 21 Jun 2013 Success story
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We found each other 2 years ago. Contact never broke - now we found together and married on june 18 th 2013.
We look forward to a happy life together. Thanks to everyone out there who was interested in me - I hope that everyone of you will find his right match - same as it happened to me. I am very happy now and I hope that all of you will be happy too very soon. Don't give up - the right one is still there - it's only about to find him, take care - Chariya

Thailand and Thailand 18 Apr 2013 Success story
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Tony United Kingdom and Tuck Thailand 13 Apr 2013 Success story
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I met my Ladyboy girlfriend on here two years ago. We have met a few times and in constant FT and Skype contact, we love each other and she has brought me back to life and makes me feel like a teenager again. I want to live there and she wants to live here so a comprimise. I will help her set up a business and she will live here six months and then we spend six months there. She is not a bargirl but the head of a department in a school so I have found a real gem with a loving family. Lads it can be done here!

naughty_sparow Indonesia and ted78 Austria 30 Mar 2013 Success story
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we met here and now we have a beautiful little angel.

Patrick Switzerland and Bootsakorn Thailand 25 Dec 2012 Success story
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Thank you very much Thaikisses.

We find each other here, and now we are happy married.

Antonio Italy and Ooy Thailand 23 Dec 2012 Success story
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Thank you Thaikisses. We married on 09/12/2012.

Kornkarn Thailand and Chris United Kingdom 03 Dec 2012 Success story
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After few months of talking Chris and I met last week in Bangkok Thailand. It as obvious even from exchange writing that we had so much in common.

Nothing prepared each of us for the actual meeting. Future plan is made. Chris is moving to Thailand shortly after he clears up his obligation.

Chris and I ant to thank Thaikisses for being the venue that bring us together. If you keep on looking there is someone waiting for you

Kornkarn and Chris


ในนี้มีต่างชาติมากมาย ที่แย่ก็มีที่ดีก็มี หญิงไทยในนี้ก็มีทุกฐานะทุกอาชีพ บางทีเราก็ถูกฝรั่งดูถูกเอาบ้าง เห็นทุกคนเป็นสาวบริการบ้าง เป็นธรรมดา ผู้ชายก็มีทุกฐานะ ถ้าเราและพ่อแม่พี่น้องไถเงินเขาท่าเดียวเขาก็ดูถูกเราแล้วจากไปพร้อมกับคิดว่าหญิงไทยเป็นเช่นนี้ทุกคน

อย่าถอดเสื้อทางเว็ปแคม ตัดทิ้งเลยคนนั้น อย่ารีบออกนอกไซต์ ถูกหลอกได้มากมายแนบเนียน คนที่มาหาเหยื่อจะหลอกให้คุณรัก คราวนี้ละแม่ป่วย ลูกเป็นมะเร็ง... มาหาแล้วติดอยู่กลางทางต้องให้เราโอนเงินไป นสพ . เพิ่งลงสองสาวที่ตรังโดนหลอก เป็นธุรกิจข้ามชาติ ถ้าถอดเสื้อเดี๋ยวเขาเอาไปตัดต่อ มาแบล็กเมลล์เราอีก

ถ้าดวงมีวันหนึ่งคนของคุณจะโผล่มา ขอให้ทุกท่านโชคดีคะ

dr sue Thailand and CBH United Kingdom 03 Dec 2012 Success story
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Thank you Thaikisses for allowing us to meet.

pimsiri phangkul Germany and kea7005 Thailand 05 Nov 2012 Success story
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Thank you very much for Thakisses.

We met on thaikisses
Now we have true love ^----^

vito Italy and vito Thailand 24 Oct 2012 Success story
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thanks thaikisses

Fabrice France and Wilaiwan Thailand 14 Oct 2012 Success story
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We met on thai kisses
We got married a few monthes after
And now she is with me in France with our daughter, and soon our baby boy :)
I have been waiting so long to meet my spouse,
Thank you Thai kisses

Thor Norway and Somjit Thailand 30 Aug 2012 Success story
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Thank you for ThaiKisses.
We met in 2009 and did marrie in 2011.

Internet dating is ok, but a common language for communication is very important.
For us no problem.

I recomend ThaiKisses.

Gary United States of America and Duangjai Thailand 11 Jun 2012 Success story
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One year ago I met Duangjai on Thai Kisses. It was love at first sight. She was a recent divorcee and I was a widower for the last two years. Our lives were very lonely and empty until we met on Thai Kisses. I flew to Thailand to meet her and her family. They treated me like a son and I felt they were like a family to me.
Duangjai and I were married on March 15, 2012 and I have applied for a resident visa for both her and her daughter to come to the states to be with me forever.
Without Thai Kisses we wouldn't have met and we would probably been lonely the rest of our lives.
Thank you Thai Kisses.

paul Thailand and chanhom United States of America 10 Jun 2012 Success story
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Thanks for Thai Kisses!!!!!!
This site help me can found true love.
chanhom and paul

peter Germany and sunthorn Germany 28 May 2012 Success story
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bin mit dieser Frau böse auf die Nase gefallen. Ich habe ihr ein halbes jahr lang die miete für ein Haus bezahlt, habe sie eingekleidet, ihr einen 3 wöchigen Urlaub mit allem drum herum bezahlt , aber dann kam die Cousine ins Spiel und plötzlich war ich nicht mehr gut genug. Ich hatte ihr aus Deutschland eine Goldkette , Ohrringe mit einem Brillianten darin, sowie einen Verlobungsring mit Diamant gegeben. aber für die Cousine war das nicht gut genug, ich solle ihr doch etwas besseres kaufen.
Und währen ich im Flugzeug zurück war, war sie auch schon wieder hier bei Thaikisses mit einem neuen namen angemeldet. mit neuen Fotos wo drauf sie meine sachen trägt( vom Kleid bis zu dem Schmuck) Hat jetzt einen anderen Namen hier. nakhon sawan bittet zum beischlaf.

Ist doch einfach toll, oder???????????
So eine müsste hier und in anderen seiten gesperrt werden.

ORASA Thailand and GERARD France 29 Mar 2012 Success story
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Thank you very much ThaiKisses!

The day of our meeting on Thaikisses changed our life.

Our story of love began in 10 000 kilometers of distance one of the other, it continues now together every day, after a wonderful marriage.

We say" Yes!!!!Yes it is possible!!!!!

An enormous Thank you Thaikisses!!!!!

This happiness we owe it to you.

Orasa and Gérard