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Thai Kisses let opportunies for many people to find love and hapiness, and they're proud to share it with you.

Peter Великобрит и Pakakitta Таиланд 02 Jul 2019 Счастливые истории
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thanks to you I have found my wife here !!! We are both very very happy, without you Thaikisses we would not be together, from the bottom of my heart thank you!
We got married in Bangkok Dada was almost 2 years in the UK learning English and seeing Europe. its amazing Dada gives me Asia and I give her Europe that,s allot better then lucky numbers people !!!! now we live in Bangkok in Bang Kapie I teach Electronics in Sathorn Dada Works at the Siam Center.

Listen we found our happyness you can too, allot more success stories are out their but they do not post here in success stories . I have now gone over to helping women find husbands in Thai kisses their is allot of cultural differences between Europe and Asia sometimes a talk to a European man can help , just find me and chat I can help , Nr one however is learn English enough that a relationship can start my wife,s English was good enough to get us together then we went to England and she learned it very fast indeed talking to people the same way I am learning Thai. now is Thai kisses help me again time , I have lost all my freinds in Europe I need new ones here in Bangkok freindship is also a thing people do so if you would like to get to know us better please! its sometimes knowing people in the same situation to ask advice that is a real help, problems with Visas for instance I have had my fair share but found a way at the end of the day. its people like us that stop wars and bring people together.

I have a bit of advice for you if someone contact you do not just pass it off every contact is a chance of success if you brush people off you brush yourself off too, which makes you ask why am I doing this. its very hard to make the first contacts and people start not well prepaired just saying no you say no to yourself. I had for me a big problem in the end I had 36 Women who thought they could make it with me who I liked also , unfortunatly you can only marry one so I had the hardest job of my life say goodbye to 35 , that hurt very very much who did I choose ? the crazy cat woman because I love cats too today we live with 5 and they were all in the UK with us. M life is now in Thailand.

You people at Thai kisses are wonderful! The owner is now a freind of mine he is always trying to find ways of making the site better , he is a good person who is kind he wants people to find each other on this web site , tell your freinds here is a serious platform join it

Thanks from the both of us!!!


Josef Германия и Raquel Филиппины 19 Aug 2018 Счастливые истории
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Wir haben uns bei Thaikisses kennen und lieben gelernt.

William Великобрит и Sunthree Таиланд 11 Mar 2017 Счастливые истории
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we got married on Febuary 6 2017

Axel Германия и Methavadee Таиланд 09 Sep 2016 Счастливые истории
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Thanks Thaikisses!

Wir haben uns bei Thaikisses kennen, respektieren und lieben gelernt.
Am 3.2.2016 haben wir in Bangkok geheiratet.
Inzwischen ist Methavadee nach Deutschland gekommen und wir leben auf dem Hofgut Schwarzenborn zusammen.

Und wenn Sie nicht gestorben sind dann leben sie heute noch!

Die Thai Mentalität passt gut zu der deutschen. Jedenfalls ist unsere Beziehung recht harmonisch und wir sind zufrieden.

MeiMei und Axel

Dennis Newman США и Mariane Cabanting Филиппины 24 Jul 2016 Счастливые истории
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We were married recently, thanks to ThaiKisses

Johan Швеция и สมนึก Таиланд 14 May 2016 Счастливые истории
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Tack Thaikisses,
att vi hitta os i dag är gift och med barn är vi nu 4 i familjen.

(Thanks Thaikisses, We find us married today with children. We are now four in the family.)

Dieter Германия и DrKay Таиланд 21 Apr 2016 Счастливые истории
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Wir danken ThaiKisses, daß wir uns gefunden und lieben gelernt haben

Diamond Таиланд и Таиланд 15 Sep 2015 Счастливые истории
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Thank you Thaikiss so much.
I think, I have found my lover.

Hendrik Франция и Monly Таиланд 03 Sep 2015 Счастливые истории
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Thanks to Thaikisses Thai Dating I have found my love!!!!!

Sopacha Таиланд и Германия 11 May 2015 Счастливые истории
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Danke ThaiKisses!
Ich habe meine Ehemann hier gefunden!
Gruß an alle die auch ihr Glück auf Thai Dating Seiten, wie ThaiKisses suchen und hoffentlich finden.

RAINER Германия и REBECCA Филиппины 08 Mar 2015 Счастливые истории
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Kitsana Таиланд и Carlo Швейцария 14 Nov 2014 Счастливые истории
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First I would like to thank to Thaikisses.

We get married on 9. November 2012.

We are happy together.

Now, we are living in Swiss, we have our own company.

In the future, We plan to go to Thailand to make a businness there.

Thank you very much Thaikisses!!!!

Victor Швейцария и Nattakan Таиланд 27 Aug 2014 Счастливые истории
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Guten Tag wertes Thakisses Team,

Ich habe vor zweieinhalb Jahren auf eurer Seite eine wunderbare Frau kennengelernt.

Am 6. Juni 2014 haben wir in Bangkok geheiratet.

Anbei ein Foto vom Standesamt

Vielen Dank Thaikisses!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Viktor & Nattakan

Ray Австралия 21 Jul 2014 Рекомендация
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I have used many sites in the past 14 years, but Thaikisses is BY FAR the best!!

You guys are great, no rip offs, no sneaky stops, no special rules!

Just honest connections!

Love this site!

I have recommended it to all my friends !

Good Site !!!!!


Antonio Испания и Darunee Таиланд 05 Jul 2014 Счастливые истории
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Entré en Mayo para ver preciosidades y sonrisas tailandesas. Conoccí varias chicas encantadoras, pero había estado hace unos años afiliado y recordaba a una muy especial...Y la reencontré, Nunca supe por que no me animé entonces porque me gustaba muchísimo. Esta vez...la he encontrado y no la dejaré escapar...nos dejaremos, mejor dicho. En agosto voy a conocerla y si todo sigue como lo llevamos la pediré en matrimonio. Es la mujer mas dulce, bonita, tranquila, educada y hermosa que he conocido. Nuestra intención es conocer Tailandia y traérmela a España y vivir unos meses en cada país...Me ha vuelto loco de amor con su dulzura y belleza...

Esta página es la mejor de las que he estado afiliado... a ver si "la" encontraba. Aquí, en Thaikisses..."la" encontré...ME LA LLEVO...

Anbrazos y suerte para todos.

Antonio y Darunee

Raijai Таиланд и Maimeejai Таиланд 21 Jun 2014 Счастливые истории
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สวัสดีค่ะ เพื่อนๆผู้หญิงที่อยู่ในเว็บไซด์นี้ จากประสบการณ์เพียงแค่ไม่กี่เดือนที่เข้ามาในเว็บไซด์นี้ ได้พูดคุยกับผู้ชายมากหน้าหลายตา ส่วนมากจะได้คุยแต่กับพวกที่โกหก หลอกลวง ด้วยคำพูดที่น่าเชื่อถือ น่าไว้ใจ แต่หารู้ไม่ว่า พวกผู้ชายเหล่านี้ เหมือนพวกซาตาน กระหายในอารมณ์ มักมากในกาม เพียงแค่ได้เห็นหน้าตาเราทางเว็บแคม พวกมันก็สำเร็จกิจเสียแล้ว มีผู้ชายคนหนึ่งอยู่แค นา ดา ใส่เสื้อดำหัวโล้นๆ คนคนนี้ปากจัดมาก ด่าผู้หญิงสาดเสีย เทเสีย สาวคนไหนที่หลงคุยด้วยแล้ว ระวังไว้ตัวด้วยนะคะ ส่วนผู้ชายคนอื่นๆก็คล้ายๆกัน คุยแต่เรื่องใต้สะดือ น่ารำคาญ อยากอาเจียน ผู้ชายฝรั่งใช่ว่าจะดีไปเสียหมด จงพินิจ พิจรณาให้ดี อย่างหลงคารมคนง่ายๆ และขอให้สาวสาวในนี้จงโชคดี เจอคนที่ดีจริงใจตลอดไป

Apawan Таиланд и Dirk Германия 20 May 2014 Счастливые истории
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My new Life

In January 2009 I decided to live in Thailand.
I begun to search from my home in Germany for a lady in Thailand, which can help me to realize my dream.

In a few weeks I met a young and sweet Thai Lady on Thaikisses.

My plan was to life and work on Koh Samui, but my Lady sead it is maybe more easy to begin in Bangkok, because there is a lot of Jobs for foreigner.

She told me, that she is willing to help me and can show me all about the life in Thailand.

So I flew one month later to Bangkok and she, her mom and aunt come to pick me at the Airport up.

I stayed 3 months in Bangkok and than I had fly back,to clear the last steps in Germany.

We was this 3 month only good friends, nothing more, no touch and no Kiss!:-)

I fly so often I can to Thailand to meet her and learn more about Thailand.

Our relationship has change after 1 year from Friendship to Partnership:-)

We both fell in a real love.

Juni 2011 I flew the last time to Thailand, I married her in april 2012. See our Wedding Pictures ;-)

We are now 2 Years married and I will marry her again.

I hope our feelings for each other will be same in the future.

We are for us the perfect pair.

We are so happy that we have found us!!!!

I got not only a wife and the really love!

No, I also got a new very smart and friendly family.

My new Life is now round and perfect.

I don't need or want more for my life, it's perfect!

ok- maybe a little bit more Money ;-)

Now I live together with my wife here in Thailand and we have started a good running business together.

We help Foreigner in all matters/situations, if they have a problem or if they search something in Thailand.

I will recommend Thaikisses to everyone, who really search someone for a longterm partnership.

With Thaikisses is everything possible!

Without Thaikisses it would never come true, that I found her and that I go to be so happy.

It is the best time in my life!

I/we say "Thank you so much" to the admin of Thaikisses for this great Website.

Best Wishes to you and good luck for the Future!

Thank you!

Patrick Франция и Noona Таиланд 21 Apr 2014 Счастливые истории
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Thank you so much to ThaiKisses.com !!!

We met on your lovely site 3 years ago and we have today the pleasure to announce you our marriage on 10 April 2014 in Bangkok.

Now we are very happy.

Noona (CHE1011) and Patrick (PAT7031)

Walter Германия и 27 Mar 2014 Счастливые истории
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Halo Thaikisses,
es ist mir zwar noch kein Erfolg in Sachen Partnerschaft beschert worden,
dennoch möchte ich mich bei euch für die tolle Seite bedanken.

Kai Arve Hansen Норвегия и Kai Arve Hansen Таиланд 23 Mar 2014 Счастливые истории
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Hello My nice team ,of Thaikisses.
I am thank you so much for my nice lady , I meet her in here and we try to learn more about each other 3 years ago, Now we are married in my country, NORWAY....I meet happiness in this site . And I hope other people same us.
Hope you have a good time for lonely people forever.
Thank you and Bestregard.
Kai Arve Hansen.